What is Smart Member Services?

VoIP telephony and roadside assistance services

Wilmington, Delaware

Smart Member Services

Smart Member Services Short Company Bio

In October 2010, Ryan Deere founded Smart Member Services LLC (SMS) in the US in Wilmington, Delaware. The company provides competitive VoIP telephony and roadside assistance services.

SMS Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP) services

Smart Member Services offers a smart phone adapter that converts the Session Internet Protocol (SIP) signaling protocol to allow any or all of the landlines, PCs and laptops in your home or office to work with the low-cost VoIP solutions from SMS. In addition to real savings in terms of local, long distance and international telephony costs, the technology and LinkSys from Cisco PAP2 adapter that SMS provides to its clients also provides the range of sophisticated services that you’d expect from a digital phone.

There is no fee for activation of the VoIP service. Furthermore, there is a 30-day free trial period, no annual contract or hidden fees. The SMS credo is simple: the quality of its free unlimited online (PC to PC) calls worldwide dramatically cut calling costs without any loss in the quality of the calls. All the calls you make to other SMS subscribers are absolutely free. To grow the community of SMS users, so that you have more contacts to call at no charge, Smart Member Services has a special offer that for a limited period will give you a subscription-free 30 days for new subscribers you introduce to the company.

The SMS VoIP packages offer many free features such as:
  • caller ID, which displays the caller’s name or phone number
  • voicemail
  • call waiting, which allows incoming calls to be received during another call, without the caller getting a busy signal
  • call forwarding, which enables the subscriber to transfer incoming calls to any number and
  • 3-way conference calling

American, Canadian and Puerto Rican users who make a lot of local and long distance calls in and between the three countries, will enjoy the SMS Residential Unlimited VoIP package that gives them unlimited calls in and across the three named countries.

The Residential Premium Unlimited VoIP 2 package on the other hand, includes two phone lines and two phone numbers plus an unlimited quantity of minutes for long distance calls plus low international calling rates to another 60 countries.

SMS Roadside Assistance Services

The Smart Member Services Roadside Assistance Service takes away the worry of being left at the side of the road without support the event of an accident or a vehicle breakdown. The SMS response time is generally 30 minutes although this is subject to weather conditions, vehicle location the proximity of the closest service provider.

SMS offers the service, following a 60-day free trial period to motorcycle riders and drivers of cars and trucks, up to the weight of one ton.

At the highest level–the SMS Top Plan–users are entitled to six emergency roadside assistance calls a year.

Under this plan SMS members are also covered for the delivery of fuel, cab fare and the services of a locksmith. The Top Plan also covers tows to the nearest garage – either one tow of 400km or two of up to 200km.

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